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Meet Your MūV Spin Team

 Teamwork Dreamwork The MUVirtual Spin team is ready for you!  Armed with the exclusive MūV spin program that's designed to push boundaries, it's simply the best way to get fit on two pedals. Pictured above is Audrey, Brandy, Reese, Joel, Meg, Hailey, Janine and Kat.  Get ready for the studio experience in your home, hotel, local gym or apartment gym.  With hundreds of workout in your pocket, you'll never miss out on the action. The MūV Program is designed to prepare, challenge, rest and build you up.  Amazing music delivers the beat, your instructor delivers proper setup, pace and execution.  You get results!  Need a bike?  MūV has lease and purchase options available for you that include the worlds greatest videos at no extra charge. (Not pictured: Lindsay, Mic, Elle, Jen, River, Alex, Mel, Keke and Ashley)